it appears that i started a blog. i am excited about it. to be honest i really don’t know how to begin. i feel a lot of pressure to make this first post the best post of my life. i don’t think it will be. i do however think it will be informative. so i am going to structure this first post like people have been frequently asking me these questions i am about to answer, when in fact i am asking them to myself.

1.)what will you find at destiny craft her pants?

as many of you know, or maybe don’t know i make jewelry. it is my passion and also my career. when i am not creating jewelry i like to take a break and do crafts…what it comes down to is i can’t stop creating. the day i stop creating is the day i die(i know that sounds very dramatic and harsh, atleast thats what avery thinks)but it’s true. so this blog will show you NEW jewelry from, and then also other art endeavors.

2.)what will you NOT find at destiny craft her pants?

capitalization and really good writing.

i am not very good with my syntax ( that means sentence structure) to be honest i probably didn’t use that correctly.

and i just don’t like to capitalize plain and simple.

why the name destiny craft her pants?

i picked that name for several reasons. i wanted in the blog title to have some hint of it being craft/art/d.i.y related since that is what my blog is about. i also like to make people laugh and out of the 6 people i told that “oops i craft my pants” was an option they laughed when its words were uttered. thats 6 out of 6 who laughed, thats 100%. so they left me no choice but to name it that…however, “oops i craft my pants” has already been taken so my next best option was “destiny craft her pants”. i am happy to say that i like the ending result.

did you have other blog names you were thinking of?


what were they?

her name was lola. (i am just in love with the name lola)

create or die. (which avery said was too harsh)

one iota. (its a fun word)

destiny ray (someone already has a website with the name destiny ray, you should check it out, its

do you already have a first art project in store?

as a matter of fact i do. this weekend avery and i are making a headboard for our bed. i have been wanting one for such a long time, but i always told myself that i would wait to get a headboard and netflix with my husband. i ended up getting netflix 6 months before i got married, and i don’t regret it. but i am glad to be making this headboard with avery. i am pretty pumped about this project. normally i do my crafts alone so its exciting to have avery as my right hand man.