…do you get it?

instead of “dashboard confessionals”  the band?

This weekend avery and i did what we said we were going to do…we made a headboard!

it turned out better than i thought it could, especially for how much it cost us.

i realize though that i set the bar really high for this “crafting blog”. i should have started out with showing you my bottle cap magnets, but instead i chose the headboard.  so i guess what i am saying is it’s going to be all downhill from here.

i am only half kidding.

here are the details about our headboard:

*we got all the instructions and list of supplies from http://www.designsponge.com, this is one of my favorite blogs.  it was so helpful. it even had a play by play video on how to do it. so if you are considering making your own i would highly recommend going there.   i am not even going to attempt to tell you how to make it because design sponge does the best job.

* it only cost $50 and 2 1/2 hours….thats pretty good eh?

* we got most of the supplies from IKEA( the fabric and padding)

the project called for quilt batting and 2 inches of foam…..we decided to not go that route  and instead we bought 2 mattress pads. i wish i could say that was my idea, but it was averys. i hate it when he thinks of great ideas before i think of them.


*it was nice having 2 people do this project. it is very important to have one of those persons  to be a perfectionist who may or may not  be an engineer.

*lock your cat in a room while making the headboard. i got pretty mad at rufus. she was not helpful one iota.

*get your fabric from IKEA. it is inexpensive and its good quality. i mean i am no seamstress but i thought it was pretty nice.

* go nuts with the staple gun! no one sees the back of your headboard so i would staple the craft out of it….did you get my pun?…it was intended.

if i were to rate this project on a scale of 1 to 10….1 being that the headboard is in the trash and avery and i are in a fight . and then 10 being i would maybe want to start a headboard making buisness…..i think i would say it was an 8…which means i am very happy that i have a headboard right now and it does not look ugly.

i am still trying to figure out how to place the pictures where i want them on this blog.  ideally i wanted them at the bottom of the post. instead they are placed randomly above the post.  you can’t win them all right?