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i just want to ride bikes with you.

so, i did not make this saying up…i wish i did, but i did  not.

i was at this store and someone was wearing a shirt that had this on it. i instantly thought of avery, my husband.

for those of you who know him he LOVES to ride bikes…he rides to work everyday and he even rides his bike in the pouring rain. now thats what i call love.

my first thought was i need to buy him that shirt, and then my second thought was maybe i will  just paint it instead. i executed my second thought. it was a cheaper thought and more fun to do.

i really am not a good painter but at the same time i love to paint. i was prepared for it to not turn out, but i think it kind of did so i framed it. now it resides above avery’s dresser so everyday he can see it and know that i just want to ride bikes with him.

i just read what i wrote and it sounded a little bit cheesy, but its true.  



new jewels.

i took some pictures today of some new jewelry i have been working on.

13 new pieces to be exact.

i just posted them on my website.

you should check it out.

this post is short and sweet because i just spent the last hour and a half editing and posting the jewelry…so i am computered out! i know that is not a word.

clutch time.

i know exactly what you all are thinking…..

….this fabric sure does look familiar.

it is very familiar. its the same fabric we used for our headboard. remember the headboard that was slowly killing avery and i?

you know how the saying goes, when you have extra fabric from your headboard project make a clutch! i think its like a swedish proverb or something.

the tricky part of making this was sewing on the zipper..believe me when you unzip it and see the inside it does not look pretty…but atleast the outside does.

here is what you need:

a zipper

2 types a fabric( the inside is a solid blue fabric)

a sewing machine(you actually can just use a needle and thread if you don’t have a sewing machine)

i kind of just made it up as i went. i pretended like i was making a pillow cover and sewed up all three sides, and then for the zipper part i just sewed it on.

i realize i am actually terrible at describing how i made the project, especially sewing projects because i am just learning how to sew. so i guess that explanation will have to suffice.


missing socks and earrings.

one of my favorite things about making jewelry is when someone has a special request.  what i mean is they know exactly what they want and then it is my job to replicate it. sometimes it is something they created in their head, or something they saw. in this case there was a women who had owned a pair of earrings and then lost one…i bet its with all the missing socks.  seriously, i bet all your missing socks and missing earrings are in the same place. that is why i never make sock earrings. they are just destined to be lost from the very beginning.
the reason i love special requests is because it gives me a challenge. i love the idea of someone giving me a picture and saying “can you make that?” and then i reply “why yes, yes i can.”  sometimes i succeed and then other times not so much.  this time i believe it was a success.

how do i decipher if its a success or not:

if when i am finished i decide to make myself one.(which i will be doing with this one)

and also if the person decides that they want to purchase it.

i know that in websters dictionary the definition might not be that. but here at “destiny craft her pants” that is what the definition of success is.

these earrings will not be for sale on my website…however, if you are looking at these earrings and you decide you want to have them, and you want me to have another success story then i would be happy to make them for you.

they really were a joy to make!

i think i shall call these earrings



the craziest thing happened to our headboard.

turns out that the wood we chose for our headboard was not the best idea.

we chose to go the cheaper route, seeing as how you would never see the wood so it did not matter.

we were wrong………dead wrong.

OSB  was our choice of wood and it turns out that it off gases formaldehyde.  As great as our headboard turned out we realize that maybe its not worth it to sleep with bad gas every night….so Avery sleeps in the guest room……kidding, we removed the headboard into the garage.

it is not my favorite thing that i have ever had to do but our health is worth it.

but wait………

we can fix it!

all we have to do is take off the fabric and the padding and paint the wood to seal it, and then re-staple the whole thing back together. sounds easy, and also a little bit annoying.

i just wanted to let this be known, for a couple of reasons:

1.) just in case someone read this and decided they wanted to make one, i would recommend trying to find formaldehyde free pressed wood. or use paint or some other sealant to keep it from off gassing.  is this overwhelming? if yes then i would say to go to home depot and ask them for the good stuff( i don’t know what that means but maybe they do).

2.) to let people know that my craft projects are not perfect, and sometimes i make something, and then have to take it apart and then remake it.

no pictures for this blog post, i am too upset.

thanks for understanding.