one of my favorite things about making jewelry is when someone has a special request.  what i mean is they know exactly what they want and then it is my job to replicate it. sometimes it is something they created in their head, or something they saw. in this case there was a women who had owned a pair of earrings and then lost one…i bet its with all the missing socks.  seriously, i bet all your missing socks and missing earrings are in the same place. that is why i never make sock earrings. they are just destined to be lost from the very beginning.
the reason i love special requests is because it gives me a challenge. i love the idea of someone giving me a picture and saying “can you make that?” and then i reply “why yes, yes i can.”  sometimes i succeed and then other times not so much.  this time i believe it was a success.

how do i decipher if its a success or not:

if when i am finished i decide to make myself one.(which i will be doing with this one)

and also if the person decides that they want to purchase it.

i know that in websters dictionary the definition might not be that. but here at “destiny craft her pants” that is what the definition of success is.

these earrings will not be for sale on my website…however, if you are looking at these earrings and you decide you want to have them, and you want me to have another success story then i would be happy to make them for you.

they really were a joy to make!

i think i shall call these earrings