i know exactly what you all are thinking…..

….this fabric sure does look familiar.

it is very familiar. its the same fabric we used for our headboard. remember the headboard that was slowly killing avery and i?

you know how the saying goes, when you have extra fabric from your headboard project make a clutch! i think its like a swedish proverb or something.

the tricky part of making this was sewing on the zipper..believe me when you unzip it and see the inside it does not look pretty…but atleast the outside does.

here is what you need:

a zipper

2 types a fabric( the inside is a solid blue fabric)

a sewing machine(you actually can just use a needle and thread if you don’t have a sewing machine)

i kind of just made it up as i went. i pretended like i was making a pillow cover and sewed up all three sides, and then for the zipper part i just sewed it on.

i realize i am actually terrible at describing how i made the project, especially sewing projects because i am just learning how to sew. so i guess that explanation will have to suffice.