so, i did not make this saying up…i wish i did, but i did  not.

i was at this store and someone was wearing a shirt that had this on it. i instantly thought of avery, my husband.

for those of you who know him he LOVES to ride bikes…he rides to work everyday and he even rides his bike in the pouring rain. now thats what i call love.

my first thought was i need to buy him that shirt, and then my second thought was maybe i will  just paint it instead. i executed my second thought. it was a cheaper thought and more fun to do.

i really am not a good painter but at the same time i love to paint. i was prepared for it to not turn out, but i think it kind of did so i framed it. now it resides above avery’s dresser so everyday he can see it and know that i just want to ride bikes with him.

i just read what i wrote and it sounded a little bit cheesy, but its true.