i realize that today is halloween and it is a little too early to be talking about christmas.

but i feel that if stores already have christmas items for sell then i can start making christmas crafts.

and that is exactly what i did.

it only set me back $1

the rebuilding center was having a sale on their window panes. the sale was that they were only $1 that day.

i had previously cut out “merry christmas” letters on cool paper. i was going to just tape them on string and make a garland out of them. but i realized that meant it would only last one christmas season because somehow the paper would break.

so when i came home from the rebuilding center with betsie(who is an amazing painter) i knew exactly what i was going to use the window pane for.(and by the way her window pane turned out awesome, i wish i had taken  a picture of it, i didn’t though.)

my  decision was to make a window pane christmas sign, instead of a christmas garland.

here are the steps i took:

1.cut out the letters( which i had done already)

2. glue them on the back of the window pane(betsie and i watched the movie french kiss with meg ryan whilst doing this)

3.waited for the glue to dry(that was the best part because betsie, avery and i went to por que no for dinner and then swirl for dessert)

4.painted grey on the back to cover the whole window pane

and thats all.

the final step is hanging it up, which i kind of wanted to do that night, however avery was not having it. i did decide where it will reside when that day comes….and that day will be a glorious one my friends.

merry christmas to all and to all a good night!