…nash is not even born yet and he is following in my(his favorite aunts) footsteps.

i find this next post/craft to be quite humorous.

the reason it gets my goat is because the title of my blog is “destiny craft her pants” and this project i made for my sister ashley is for her son to “crap his pants” in.

do you see the correlation?

i just never thought my crafting would come to this…..and i must say that i am glad it did.

ashley will not be using these to substitute huggies diapers. this is for a photo shoot, but who knows….maybe baby nash will make his aunt proud and do what i made these knitted diapers for.

i will be sure to post the pictures ashley took in the future so you can see these bad boys in action.

it is kind of hard to take pictures of knitted diapers, but i did my best.

i think they will be much better with an infant in them.

…he is coming in 5 days.