…just a 20 inch gold filled chain.

thats right people i have this necklace that i made with a one of a kind pendant that i don’t want to sell, i want to give it away….and seeing that it is “cyber monday” which i still have no idea what that exactly means, i thought today would be a great day to do this. i do think that today there are alot of online deals like 25% off or buy one get on free or free shipping. but i am pretty sure there isn’t a “email me and get a free necklace” deal going on.

this would be your only chance to get this, it is not something i will sell on my etsy page.

you are probably thinking “i want that” and then next you are wondering “how do i get  in on that action?”

here are the steps to make this happen:

1. email me at destinyrayjewelry@gmail.com(make sure you spell jewelry correct)

2.in the subject line say something like “pick me” or “free necklace” or “i craft my pants too” or “thank you”  or “i love you” but don’t say that if you really don’t love me.

3.  in the email part just give me your name and address. thats all. i mean you can always say hi…but for real just an address and name will suffice.

how will i determine the winner?

good question.

the 15th email i get(that’ s right, i think… actually, i hope 15 people will respond to this post) will be the winner…and note that it’s an email you send, not a comment you leave on my blog(i just want to clarify so people are not leaving their addresses on this website)

i promise i won’t rig the contest. however, i have a hunch it will be a family member because at this point i think they are the only people who follow this blog…prove me wrong people besides my family members!

i will announce the winner when the 15th person emails me.

good luck and may the best emailer win!