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shall we sconce?

before i begin i must give credit where credit is due.

i never would have done this craft project if it was not for emily baynes.

i was over at her house and i saw her wall sconces and about died.

she was so sweet and even offered them  to me…i am not going to lie i was very tempted. but then i realized i have about 27 blue mason jars at my house and i need to do something with them.

well ladies and gentlemen, i have found what that something is.

and that something is “mason jar wall sconces.”

i am on a rampage here..i have already made 4 and i need to get back to home depot to get more of the plumbing clamp things to make more.(i don’ t remember the scientific term for the silver circle that is around the mason jar)

the materials for this are few:

1.mason jar

2.piece of wood( you can paint it or not)

3. plumbing clamp circle thing

4.a screw

5. something to hammer on the back so it hangs on the wall(i am blanking on the name for it)

thats it and thats all.

….you can put anything you want in it. (i.e billy balls, mints, or candles)


a skirt for my tree.

my parents stayed with us a little while ago when i was attempting to make this tree skirt.

so as we are hanging out i was preparing the rectangle fabric pieces.

after i was done cutting ALL of them out, they asked me how i was going to make those rectangles a circle.

to be honest i really hadn’t thought about it.

but  i was up for the challenge. my crafting style is to not have a game plan and just wing it.

it would have been nice with this particular project to have a game plan.

my parents left that weekend probably thinking it was not going to work out for my tree skirt…..and so did i.

and that gave me more gusto to make it work.

and i think it did. if you look real close its not the best craftsmanship . but it has character i think.

if it wasn’t for my parents that night i would of had a long rectangle tree skirt.

thanks mom and dad.

our stockings.

this may be cheating.

but this is also my blog so i can do whatever i want. 

i made these stockings last christmas but i did not have this blog to showcase them last year so now is my chance.

i would be lying if i said i made these on my own. my talented and crafty friend amber helped me out a bunch on these guys.

so thank you amber.

not much to them, they are made out of felt which means they were really inexpensive to make.

maybe under $5.

i am going to get on a little “felt” soap box for a sentence or two. i think thats how you use that term.

but i feel like felt is under rated as  a crafting tool. it is so cheap and really easy to work with and it looks great.

can i get feedback from anyone to tell me if i used that term correctly. it was my first time.

R.I.P ornaments.

i realize that my title to this post may seem a bit dramatic.

but right now i am in a dramatic place.

i was very excited to make these ornaments that i had seen in stores for like $12-18 a piece.

..i was going to do the unthinkable of making them for $3 a piece.

i should have known these ornaments were going to be trouble from the start when one night i was at home making these while avery was working late.

things were going smoothly until i stuck my finger in the ornament to push down the feather.

my finger was 100% stuck, and there was a piece of glass in my finger which made it even more stuck.

so of course i panic which i think made my finger swell up even more.

that is when i emergency called avery crying( i am being very vulnerable with you guys right now). he calmly walked me through my ornament predicament whilst holding back laughter.( we talked about it the next day).

so i should have stopped with these ornaments right then and there.

but i persevered.

now our tree is up, and Rufus our devil kitty has already broken three of them.

…and they were the big ones, she got to them before they had a chance to even shine.

it’s in the bag.

i realize that the title for this post is very predictable…but some would say i am predictable.

obviously i made a bag.

…and yes i still have leftover fabric from our headboard. and i don’t think you will be seeing the last of this fabric either. good thing i like it.

i got the instructions on how to make this bag from

when you go to the website just click the D.I.Y section. she D.I.Y’s it way better than i do, i had to modify it for myself because i am an impatient beginning sewer.

my favorite part of this bag is the weird way she had you do the straps with the grommets, snaps, and leather….oh my!

the only frustrating part of this project was that my bobbin( it’s part of the sewing machine) was giving me troubles. i swore that i would never make this bag again. but it has the potential to be a really fun craft if you get all your bobbins in a row.

if i had the patience i would make all the girls i know one of these bags, but i don’t. i think i have only enough patience for one more.

the 15th email.

sorry this is a bit delayed.

but we have a winner of the necklace.


thank you everyone for playing. i will for sure be doing this again. mostly because it was really fun to get 15 emails within 24 hours. i felt popular.