i realize that the title for this post is very predictable…but some would say i am predictable.

obviously i made a bag.

…and yes i still have leftover fabric from our headboard. and i don’t think you will be seeing the last of this fabric either. good thing i like it.

i got the instructions on how to make this bag from http://www.designsponge.com.

when you go to the website just click the D.I.Y section. she D.I.Y’s it way better than i do, i had to modify it for myself because i am an impatient beginning sewer.

my favorite part of this bag is the weird way she had you do the straps with the grommets, snaps, and leather….oh my!

the only frustrating part of this project was that my bobbin( it’s part of the sewing machine) was giving me troubles. i swore that i would never make this bag again. but it has the potential to be a really fun craft if you get all your bobbins in a row.

if i had the patience i would make all the girls i know one of these bags, but i don’t. i think i have only enough patience for one more.