i realize that my title to this post may seem a bit dramatic.

but right now i am in a dramatic place.

i was very excited to make these ornaments that i had seen in stores for like $12-18 a piece.

..i was going to do the unthinkable of making them for $3 a piece.

i should have known these ornaments were going to be trouble from the start when one night i was at home making these while avery was working late.

things were going smoothly until i stuck my finger in the ornament to push down the feather.

my finger was 100% stuck, and there was a piece of glass in my finger which made it even more stuck.

so of course i panic which i think made my finger swell up even more.

that is when i emergency called avery crying( i am being very vulnerable with you guys right now). he calmly walked me through my ornament predicament whilst holding back laughter.( we talked about it the next day).

so i should have stopped with these ornaments right then and there.

but i persevered.

now our tree is up, and Rufus our devil kitty has already broken three of them.

…and they were the big ones, she got to them before they had a chance to even shine.