my parents stayed with us a little while ago when i was attempting to make this tree skirt.

so as we are hanging out i was preparing the rectangle fabric pieces.

after i was done cutting ALL of them out, they asked me how i was going to make those rectangles a circle.

to be honest i really hadn’t thought about it.

but  i was up for the challenge. my crafting style is to not have a game plan and just wing it.

it would have been nice with this particular project to have a game plan.

my parents left that weekend probably thinking it was not going to work out for my tree skirt…..and so did i.

and that gave me more gusto to make it work.

and i think it did. if you look real close its not the best craftsmanship . but it has character i think.

if it wasn’t for my parents that night i would of had a long rectangle tree skirt.

thanks mom and dad.