before i begin i must give credit where credit is due.

i never would have done this craft project if it was not for emily baynes.

i was over at her house and i saw her wall sconces and about died.

she was so sweet and even offered them  to me…i am not going to lie i was very tempted. but then i realized i have about 27 blue mason jars at my house and i need to do something with them.

well ladies and gentlemen, i have found what that something is.

and that something is “mason jar wall sconces.”

i am on a rampage here..i have already made 4 and i need to get back to home depot to get more of the plumbing clamp things to make more.(i don’ t remember the scientific term for the silver circle that is around the mason jar)

the materials for this are few:

1.mason jar

2.piece of wood( you can paint it or not)

3. plumbing clamp circle thing

4.a screw

5. something to hammer on the back so it hangs on the wall(i am blanking on the name for it)

thats it and thats all.

….you can put anything you want in it. (i.e billy balls, mints, or candles)