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the newest trick in the book.

i have got to give a shout out to jessica my sister in law for this one.

she taught me the coolest slickest trick.

here is the play by play:

1. think up something you want to write on your window pane and type it on your computer to your desired font.

2. print it out and tape it strategically on the front of the window pane.

3. flip it over and trace it from the back with an elmers paint pen.(this pen is so intense its locked up in a case at “jo ann fabrics”)

4. now here is the best part(right jessica?) you rip off the paper and you see the writing on the window. it makes it look like you have great penmanship.

5. then if you would like paint over the back of it after the pen paint has dried.

thats it and thats all.


book art.

my friend trisha did this last year for her christmas presents and so i grabbed this idea from he and made them for this years christmas presents.

i am a year behind her i guess.

so thanks trisha for the great present idea.

its pretty inexpensive and easy to do.

the trickiest part i thought was painting on the banner where you write the word .(i made her show me exactly how she did that)

but all you do is get a book that you wouldn’t miss a couple of pages from and paint the shape of what you want. then outline it with a thin sharpie pen.

then frame it…or put it back in the book if you are weird.

this is my life.

i saw this on a website that sells posters.

and i decided this is my motto.

it is the story of my life.

cigar jewelry…


i wanted you all to think that for a second i was making cigar earrings.

but i am not.

i mean i could if i wanted to.

but i am not.

my dad gave me these cigar boxes, and i wanted to put them to good use.

first i threw some cork board in there with  pins in them to hang your dangly earrings on.

second i cut out some cool paper to cover the cigar labels and modge podged them on.

thirdly i put an arbitrary key hole on the outside to make it look like there is expensive jewelry in there and you need a key to get into the box.

there you have it.

to be honest with you, cigar boxes are pretty cool on their own…some would say that i ruined them. i hope no one says that to me because then it would just hurt my feelings.

i heart oregon.





…it’s true.

this logo is sweeping the nation….or maybe it’s just oregon.

it is such a simple design, yet it says it all. I LOVE OREGON!

it made sense to post this craft today due to a game that will be going on at 5:30 pacific eastern time.

this is my crafty way of saying “go ducks”

line of O-leven

it is a new year which means i should have some new jewelry.

and i do.

check it out.

i have everything from wishbone necklaces to gold disc earrings.

the flower posts are a one of kind. once these sell they are gone.


cutest beanies in the world.


i know thats a bold statement, and if i am being realistic it is probably not true.

but when you are making beanies for 4 really sweet boys then they turn into the cutest beanies in the world.

especially when one is a new born, so it is REALLY small.

i have 4 nephews and i wanted to be fair so i figured i would  make them all the same gift for christmas.

i have a couple of hurdles to get over before i can call them a success.

1. the beanies need to fit each individual child.

2.they need to actually wear them (it is going to be tricky to get the 2.5 and 4 year old to wear them)

what i need is  the 4 year old to put it on so that the 2.5 year old will copy him.

i am not worried about the other 2…seeing how one is only 5 weeks old…he doesn’t have an opinion yet, and the oldest one who is 7 likes beanies…..i think.

if you are seriously thinking about knitting beanies it might be one of the easiest things to do in the world.

all you need to do is get yourself a “niffty knitter”

and the rest is history.