i know thats a bold statement, and if i am being realistic it is probably not true.

but when you are making beanies for 4 really sweet boys then they turn into the cutest beanies in the world.

especially when one is a new born, so it is REALLY small.

i have 4 nephews and i wanted to be fair so i figured i would  make them all the same gift for christmas.

i have a couple of hurdles to get over before i can call them a success.

1. the beanies need to fit each individual child.

2.they need to actually wear them (it is going to be tricky to get the 2.5 and 4 year old to wear them)

what i need is  the 4 year old to put it on so that the 2.5 year old will copy him.

i am not worried about the other 2…seeing how one is only 5 weeks old…he doesn’t have an opinion yet, and the oldest one who is 7 likes beanies…..i think.

if you are seriously thinking about knitting beanies it might be one of the easiest things to do in the world.

all you need to do is get yourself a “niffty knitter”

and the rest is history.