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in your dreams mr.beans

yes, that is a line from the children’s book skippyjon jones.

but it makes a lot of sense with this craft because of 2 reasons:

1. the pillow cases are made out of old coffee bags where the beans go.

2. i keep them on the bed where you sleep and have dreams.

this project was more work than  suspected.

or maybe it was more preperation.

i got the bags in the mail and they smelled weird so i had to wash them…which then made my washer and dryer really messy. so i had to clean that up, then they took a whole week to dry due to the fact that it’s weird material. then i had to iron them.

after all of that i could finally start my project.

and that part actually took no time at all because since it was a bag it already had 2 sides sewn together. all i had to do was sew the other two sides.

they still smell a little weird.

….sorry any guests who will be sleeping in our guest room.


i figured out coupons.

i found out how to make a sale on my ETSY page today.

i am so excited about it that i am doing a 20% off sale.

no reason.

i am just doing it because i can.

i don’t know how long it will last though.

jut type DRAY20 at the checkout.

teeny tiny love notes.

recently i have been following this blog called “say yes to hoboken” and i have found several craft projects to do.

this is one of them and it so happened to be my valentine gift to avery.

they are teeny tiny love notes.

i made 9 of them for avery to open every hour he is at work.

each note is filled with some sweet sentence or some dumb inside joke. my plan was to make him laugh or cry on the hour every hour at work so his co workers would think he is weird . i am kidding …..they already think he is weird.

i think this would be a fun craft to do for a birthday or anniversary or just because. so you should do it.

so i started writing the steps to make this and then i just deleted it. why you ask? because by looking at it i think you get the idea of how to make it. it’s simple just write a lot of teeny tiny notes and put them in envelopes that you make or don’t make and give it someone.

done and done.

i think that writing a teeny tiny note to someone can go a long way.

it might even make someones day.

what do you say?

you can write one for me because my birthdays in may.

and did you know my middle name is ray.

happy presidents day!

everyone has baggage…


so i may or may not have made this a couple of years ago.

but this is a craft project that i am really proud of aaaaaand avery and i made it together for valentines day 3 years ago. it was our gift for each other.  he has a matching one(but his looks like a boy suitcase)

and it seemed only fitting because today is valentines day.

i actually got this idea from anthropologie. it was part of their display.

if you ever want inspiration walk into an anthropologie, that place is filled with awesome ideas.

making the table is quite simple.

1. find some sort of wood you want for the legs of the table. our legs were actually old stair banister columns that we painted green then sanded to give it an antique look.

2. get an automatic drill and drill the 4 legs from the inside of the suitcase.

i guess there were just 2 steps.

happy valentines day i guess.

a deer on the window.

literally that is what i did. i put a deer on a window.

my dad used to hunt, and so growing up in our old house i remember an animal head in our living room(i asked my mom the other day and she said it was a caribou)

doesn’t that sound exotic? well it was.

but to me that was normal, and my grandparents also had a moose head( grandma desta correct me if i am wrong) in their living room.

so it makes sense to me to have an animal head in our home.

but the tricky thing is that i don’t have my hunting license so i can’t get an actual deer head.

however,  i do have pretty paper, acrylic paint, glue, and an old window pane. that’s the same thing right?

there is a deer print on the website i got my kitchen sayings from so i used that as a template to draw the deer head on the pretty paper.

so instead of a deer head this is what we have.

but i gotta tell you it feels like home.