literally that is what i did. i put a deer on a window.

my dad used to hunt, and so growing up in our old house i remember an animal head in our living room(i asked my mom the other day and she said it was a caribou)

doesn’t that sound exotic? well it was.

but to me that was normal, and my grandparents also had a moose head( grandma desta correct me if i am wrong) in their living room.

so it makes sense to me to have an animal head in our home.

but the tricky thing is that i don’t have my hunting license so i can’t get an actual deer head.

however,  i do have pretty paper, acrylic paint, glue, and an old window pane. that’s the same thing right?

there is a deer print on the website i got my kitchen sayings from so i used that as a template to draw the deer head on the pretty paper.

so instead of a deer head this is what we have.

but i gotta tell you it feels like home.