so i may or may not have made this a couple of years ago.

but this is a craft project that i am really proud of aaaaaand avery and i made it together for valentines day 3 years ago. it was our gift for each other.  he has a matching one(but his looks like a boy suitcase)

and it seemed only fitting because today is valentines day.

i actually got this idea from anthropologie. it was part of their display.

if you ever want inspiration walk into an anthropologie, that place is filled with awesome ideas.

making the table is quite simple.

1. find some sort of wood you want for the legs of the table. our legs were actually old stair banister columns that we painted green then sanded to give it an antique look.

2. get an automatic drill and drill the 4 legs from the inside of the suitcase.

i guess there were just 2 steps.

happy valentines day i guess.