recently i have been following this blog called “say yes to hoboken” and i have found several craft projects to do.

this is one of them and it so happened to be my valentine gift to avery.

they are teeny tiny love notes.

i made 9 of them for avery to open every hour he is at work.

each note is filled with some sweet sentence or some dumb inside joke. my plan was to make him laugh or cry on the hour every hour at work so his co workers would think he is weird . i am kidding …..they already think he is weird.

i think this would be a fun craft to do for a birthday or anniversary or just because. so you should do it.

so i started writing the steps to make this and then i just deleted it. why you ask? because by looking at it i think you get the idea of how to make it. it’s simple just write a lot of teeny tiny notes and put them in envelopes that you make or don’t make and give it someone.

done and done.

i think that writing a teeny tiny note to someone can go a long way.

it might even make someones day.

what do you say?

you can write one for me because my birthdays in may.

and did you know my middle name is ray.

happy presidents day!