yes, that is a line from the children’s book skippyjon jones.

but it makes a lot of sense with this craft because of 2 reasons:

1. the pillow cases are made out of old coffee bags where the beans go.

2. i keep them on the bed where you sleep and have dreams.

this project was more work than  suspected.

or maybe it was more preperation.

i got the bags in the mail and they smelled weird so i had to wash them…which then made my washer and dryer really messy. so i had to clean that up, then they took a whole week to dry due to the fact that it’s weird material. then i had to iron them.

after all of that i could finally start my project.

and that part actually took no time at all because since it was a bag it already had 2 sides sewn together. all i had to do was sew the other two sides.

they still smell a little weird.

….sorry any guests who will be sleeping in our guest room.