you know when i title a blog post with “R.I.P” you know it has to do with our kitten rufus.                             

fun fact: kittens have really sharp teeth and love cords of all types.

thats a bad combo.

our computer cord does not work anymore, so we had to purchase a new one.  avery wanted this new cord to be protected at all times.

that is when he decided to commission me to make something that will wrap around the cord. (commission is just a fancy word that means this project was coming out of avery’s allowance and not mine)

i accepted the commission because i too have had enough of rufus’s shenanigans.

if you ever want to upset avery(my husband) you should either bite his computer cord or scratch his leather couches.

if you ever want to upset me you should either break my ornaments or jump on my curtains and rip them off the wall.

the idea of making this “cord cozy” seemed very simple but for some reason it took twice as long as i ever wanted it to.

but at the end of the day our cord is protected with the cutest fabric ever…..and there was just a little bit fabric left over that i may or may not  have another project in mind…stay tuned for that.

i would say COmission accomplished.

another fun fact: did you know some computer cords are 6 1/2 feet tall ……thats a really long cord cozy.








rufus hates it.

one of my favorite parts of this craft project was doing the photo shoot with avery. he was a trooper.