if i lived in new york i would have titled this blog post east coasters.

my friend keri taught me how to do this one.

my favorite crafts are the ones where they don’t cost much.

and also when they are easy.

the best part is you are buying reclaimed tiles to use. i bought 12 for $2

the worst part is you have to cut PERFECT squares of paper to mode podge on the tiles.

…. if you were a detective you would gather that  i am a cheap crafter that is not a perfectionist.

but i did have my friend keri help me with that part, she is the best “perfect square cutter” i have ever met.

when you are done glueing the pretty paper on top of the tiles you will glue a smaller felt square piece on the bottom so it doesn’t scratch up your table.

wouldn’t that be counter productive?….to have coasters on your table so you don’t get water rings but then the coasters scratch up your table.

no thank you.