a household item we cannot keep clean are our tablecloths.

and i am not a stain master like my grandma desta was so i can’t get the stains out.

i decided to make a table cloth..we will see how long it stays clean.

this was a really fun project for me because i got to use some of the screen printing skills i had learned from last summers “fashion design” class i taught for elementary girls.

i had seen this table a couple of years ago that was a chalkboard and they had outlined a mat and silverware. it looked neat.

i took that idea but with my spin to it.

i made an extra large stamp of a placemat and then stencils of silverware.

the tough part was recreating each table setting to look the same.

….this was a project of patience.

i really think i can only use this table cloth when their are four people at the table…if their were five people then how do you think the person without their own stenciled table setting would feel?

left out!

and i don’t want to do that to them, especially because if i am having them over for dinner they are probably a friend of mine.