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i love lamp.

i bought too many coffee bags.

but thats alright.

i was in an antique store a couple of weeks ago and saw the coolest lampshade ever.

it was a coffee bag lampshade.

do you see where this is going?

i made one.

at jo ann fabrics they have these plain lampshades that are a sticker..let me explain.

you buy the lampshade

you take off the white piece of paper that is around the lampshade.

and now it has adhesive so when you place your fabric on their it just sticks.

you only use glue for the inside of the lamp to glue the ends of the fabric.

that was really all i did.

you know what the real challenge was?

it was figuring out what lamp this lampshade should be on. 

i ideally wanted it in our living room which you will see pictured but its one of those lampshades that look better when you don’t turn on the light. and our living room light is on a lot. so i spent maybe 30 minutes walking around our house from lamp to lamp trying to solve this predicament.

after a couple of lampshade switch-a-roos i settled on a lamp.

i have one disclaimer: when you turn on the lamp it really doesn’t look that good. i am being honest, but it looks great when it’s not on. so if you make one put it on a lamp you don’t use that much. it seems silly but it is one of those things i didn’t think of until the light bulb went on…and i am not talking about the one in my head.


easiest project in the world.

i am not even kidding when i say this

it really is easy

i actually have started doing this project blind folded just to make it hard.


that’s actually very dangerous to do ANY sort of craft blind folded, i don’t care how easy it is.

follow these steps: fabric that is stretchy(i.e jersey knit)…get 1 yard to 1 1/2 yards

2. pin the 2 end pieces together, this just makes it easier for when you start sewing.

3. get your sewing machine and sew along the pins( if you don’t have one you can hand sew, it just takes longer..but it’s still easy)

your ending product should just be one complete circle of fabric.

4. wrap it around your neck 2 times

you are done.

do you realize what you just made?

a circle scarf, like the ones from american apparel, but for a fraction of the price.

i have been kind of going circle scarf crazy. and here are the pictures to prove my insanity.

each scarf cost between $2-6 a scarf.

the story of two sticks.

the story begins almost 2 years ago when avery and i bought our house. i loved almost everything about this house….except for the bathroom.  i just wanted to tweak some things, and one of the things was the mirror . it is not just an ordinary mirror, it’s attached to the medicine cabinet…..which means i was pretty much stuck with this boringly ugly mirror. the thing i didn’t like about it was the fake looking chrome frame.

keri, my friend, gave  me this idea of making my own wood frame to glue on top of the mirror.

and that is what avery and i did.

you HAVE to be a perfectionist to do this project…i attempted it alone and messed up so bad.

i humbly asked avery to be my assistant, and he accepted. i mean he did owe me a favor after i made him that cord cozy.

so the 1st step belonged to avery. he cut the 2 sticks(which are actually used for crown molding) into 4 pieces that were cut at perfect diagonals to make a frame.

step two was mine. i glued the pieces together and then painted  the front and back.

step three was his. he put glue along the old and ugly bathroom mirror and then placed the new one on using clamps to let it dry overnight.

step four was mine. i took pictures and wrote a blog post about it.

the story has a happy ending.

our mirror was a success, and it only cost $10.

it would have been cheaper if i didn’t attempt to do this alone at the beginning.

enjoy a cupcake.

i wish i did…..but I DID NOT PAINT THIS.

someone else did though. her name is brittany and she lives in new york, but used to reside in eugene.

anywho, she has this blog that i have been following for a couple of months that is very addicting to follow.

i have gotten some inspiration for my own blog from hers. (i.e the deer in the window craft)

i would highly recommend following her…..

turns out not only is she a good blogger but she is a great painter.

i am in love with this cupcake painting. and believe it or not she is doing a give away for this exact painting, so you might want to get over to her blog and follow the instructions because i know you want this.

worst case scenario: you don’t win but now you have another really great blog to follow.

happy friday!

our bed matured.

when you think of a bed as a grown up( or maybe this is just me) you think of having a headboard(check) and then lots and lots of pillows that you throw on the floor every night because they are just for decoration.

do you concur?

so when i would look at my bed it felt like it was missing something.

…and that something was 4 tiny pillows.

we now have 8 pillows on our bed and only use 2….does that seem silly? or does that seem very mature?

i have loved going on this pillow making rampage. and it will not stop with these pillows, i have only just begun.

you can’t tell from the pictures but one of the pillows has much less fluff in them so it is kind of like the runt of the litter, that one is avery’s favorite.

i mean i am no psychologist but i think the reason why it’s his favorite is because his cat growing up was the runt of her litter, so he just really identifies with that.

maybe instead of being an art major i should have been a psychology major.