when you think of a bed as a grown up( or maybe this is just me) you think of having a headboard(check) and then lots and lots of pillows that you throw on the floor every night because they are just for decoration.

do you concur?

so when i would look at my bed it felt like it was missing something.

…and that something was 4 tiny pillows.

we now have 8 pillows on our bed and only use 2….does that seem silly? or does that seem very mature?

i have loved going on this pillow making rampage. and it will not stop with these pillows, i have only just begun.

you can’t tell from the pictures but one of the pillows has much less fluff in them so it is kind of like the runt of the litter, that one is avery’s favorite.

i mean i am no psychologist but i think the reason why it’s his favorite is because his cat growing up was the runt of her litter, so he just really identifies with that.

maybe instead of being an art major i should have been a psychology major.