i bought too many coffee bags.

but thats alright.

i was in an antique store a couple of weeks ago and saw the coolest lampshade ever.

it was a coffee bag lampshade.

do you see where this is going?

i made one.

at jo ann fabrics they have these plain lampshades that are a sticker..let me explain.

you buy the lampshade

you take off the white piece of paper that is around the lampshade.

and now it has adhesive so when you place your fabric on their it just sticks.

you only use glue for the inside of the lamp to glue the ends of the fabric.

that was really all i did.

you know what the real challenge was?

it was figuring out what lamp this lampshade should be on. 

i ideally wanted it in our living room which you will see pictured but its one of those lampshades that look better when you don’t turn on the light. and our living room light is on a lot. so i spent maybe 30 minutes walking around our house from lamp to lamp trying to solve this predicament.

after a couple of lampshade switch-a-roos i settled on a lamp.

i have one disclaimer: when you turn on the lamp it really doesn’t look that good. i am being honest, but it looks great when it’s not on. so if you make one put it on a lamp you don’t use that much. it seems silly but it is one of those things i didn’t think of until the light bulb went on…and i am not talking about the one in my head.