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i love mixing two words together.

for those of you who have seen the show “portlandia” you are familiar with portland’s fetish for putting birds on everything.(i am a part of that craze too.)

but with all trends it will soon fade.

so what will be next?  i think it is going to be(or maybe it already is) mustaches.

and not mustaches on people, but on objects.

now i did not come up with this next project. i saw it online and it got my funny bone.

the 3 things you need for this project:

1.)my mom kindly donated the white ceramic mugs.(you can get them at world market)

and 2.)i already had the elmers glass paint pen.(jo ann fabrics)

and 3.) our house came with a fully equipped oven.

the steps are just as easy:

paint(draw) different mustaches on each mug.

set them in the oven THEN turn it to 350* and start the timer for 30 minutes. it’s important to let the ceramic slowly heat up. when the 30 minutes are up turn off the oven but keep the mugs in there as the oven cools.

when they are done you can invite your “bird art loving” friends over for a cup of tea in your mustache mugs.


is that a real piece of paper?

it is not a real piece of paper.

but i wanted it to look like one.

i saw this clutch on this blog that my cousin katy told me about called “craftgawker”…thanks katy.

this girl just finds awesome craft projects and then she posts it on her blog.

you could really spend your whole day looking at it.

but this craft caught my eye, and i had all the supplies and it was craft day at my friend keri’s house. so i had no excuse.

…i don’t think this will be the last of the “paper” sewing.

i am in the process of making a pillow that looks like a piece of paper.

i know what you are thinking, i don’t need another pillow.

…it’s true, but i already have the supplies for it.

lace+ a shirt=

i saw this idea on a blog i follow and it seemed like a fun one to try.

and it makes for a great birthday present. right alisa? don’t answer that if you hate it.

all you do is buy a V- neck shirt and then about a yard of lace and pin it to the edge of the neck and sew sew sew.

it puts a little zest into a simple shirt.

i am not going to lie, it took me a couple of attempts but i pushed through and am pretty happy with the outcome…thank goodness for seam rippers.

curtain call.

this project has caused some minor dispute in the morris household.

let’s just say avery is NOT commissioning me to make this next project.

i am commissioning myself….and it’s worth it.

we have officially owned  our house for 2 years now, and it just felt like it was time to switch out our black curtains.

there is nothing wrong with black curtains, they just made the kitchen seem more dark, and the kitchen is my favorite room in our house so i wanted it to be as bright as it can be in there.

in avery’s eyes he sees that we have perfectly great curtains already.

i disagree.

thats our dispute.

it’s an easy fix really…..i just make new ones.

i went to the fabric store and i found the most perfect print for our kitchen…and the fabric was on sale.

some would say it was destiny……not me, but some people would say that.

there are 2 things great about this project:

1. they turned out great

2. and avery came around and even helped me pin the curtains before i sewed them.

check back in 2 years when i switch out these curtains…..avery will not be amused.

computer cord cozy for my head.

remember when i made the cord cozy and i had extra fabric? and then i told you to stay tuned to see what i did with it?

well i made a headband.

i pretty much did the same thing i did for the cozy.

the one difference was instead of putting a computer cord through it i put a really long piece of 12 gauge copper wire through it.

and then you can twist it the way you like it.

i have worn it already but it was while i was doing a skit in from of a bunch of kids so now i don’t think i can wear it and take myself seriously when i do. i will feel like i need to be in character every time i wear it.