i love mixing two words together.

for those of you who have seen the show “portlandia” you are familiar with portland’s fetish for putting birds on everything.(i am a part of that craze too.)

but with all trends it will soon fade.

so what will be next?  i think it is going to be(or maybe it already is) mustaches.

and not mustaches on people, but on objects.

now i did not come up with this next project. i saw it online and it got my funny bone.

the 3 things you need for this project:

1.)my mom kindly donated the white ceramic mugs.(you can get them at world market)

and 2.)i already had the elmers glass paint pen.(jo ann fabrics)

and 3.) our house came with a fully equipped oven.

the steps are just as easy:

paint(draw) different mustaches on each mug.

set them in the oven THEN turn it to 350* and start the timer for 30 minutes. it’s important to let the ceramic slowly heat up. when the 30 minutes are up turn off the oven but keep the mugs in there as the oven cools.

when they are done you can invite your “bird art loving” friends over for a cup of tea in your mustache mugs.