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culture club.

for the past four years i have been working at an after school program at an elementary school.

this last term i taught a culture club. we pretended that we went to different countries and had to use our passports to visit.

after we visited they had to write something they learned and then they would get a stamp.

this class was such a joy to do, and it was a 9 week craft project.

i really do love my job.

i guess i just wanted to show you all a little bit of what i do with my other job.

when i am not crafting at home i an crafting with them.


2 years and 2 headboards.

this is a special anniversary post.

i have been married for 2 years to a sweet, honest, kind, godly, goofy, attractive,passionate,eco-friendly, hard working, selfless, and wonderfully weird husband. he has many more qualities i could list but this isn’t a “characteristics” blog, its a “craft” blog.

i feel like this craft is very fitting for our anniversary because:

1. this is our 2nd headboard we have had for our 2nd year of marriage


2.marriage is about compromise, which we had to do with this craft.

let me explain.

for those who have followed my blog since september you will remember my 1st post with our headboard.  soon after that post avery did some research and found out the wood we used was off gassing formaldehyde, which was slowly killing us.(so avery says)

so we had to deconstruct the headboard to paint over the wood so it would seal the chemicals, and then we put it back together and put it back in our room where it belonged….forever. or so i thought.

now fast forward 5 months….avery one night said we needed to take it out of our house….he still thought it was slowly killing us.

at first i say “no avery, the headboard stays”.

a cute headboard is worth sleeping with chemicals every night.( i know thats not rational)(it must be the formaldehyde getting to my head)

so once i really thought things through i realize it might not be the best idea to keep it in our room.

this is where the compromise comes in.

if that headboard goes out then another one goes in.

he agreed.

3 weeks later we have a headboard that was $41 cheaper, 7 hours less to make, and no formaldehyde …….and you know what else? it actually looks better then the 1st one.

i saw this headboard on a blog and instantly fell in love, i could try and explain to tell you how to make it but this woman does it way better than i do.

here is the linky link:‘love’-headboard/

you should really check out her blog.

and one more thing….before we put the headboard up we had a fun little photo session with it outside.

happy anniversary avery. thanks for marrying me.

i am hungry now.

doing this project made me really hungry.

i saw this idea online.

it is a very inexpensive craft.

i got the napkins at IKEA for like $1 a piece, and then i had the letter stamps(actually my mom gave them to me) and then you need to get fabric paint.

the steps are easy.

1. think about what you want your napkins to say

2. stamp them on the napkin

3. after they dry completely you iron them so the paint sets

4. then you make dinner for people and have them use the napkins

here is a question for you guys, how many different ways are there to tell someone to eat?

i could only come up with 4 but i do have more napkins so i am open to some ideas.

who is hungry now?

cork coasters.

the best gifts are handmade gifts.

for my birthday this year my friend paige made me coasters made out of wine corks.

they are very functional and they look really cool.

i feel like this might be a dangerous craft because you need to cut each cork down the middle.

(i hope you were careful paige)

and then you will glue them onto another piece of cork that you can get from a craft store. (sorry paige if i spilled the beans on your craft project, i hope you didn’t want to keep it a secret)

happy birthday to my favorite person.

this weekend was avery’s birthday.

every birthday he knows at least one thing he is getting….and thats a craft project.

he never actually asks for a craft project per say  but i know it’s exactly what he wants.

right avery?

when i saw this print i immediately thought of him.

i was going to put it in a simple black frame but we have too many of those in our house.

so this is what became of it.

i had an extra piece of wood around the house and i got this really cool clip at a store in portland.

so now it just looks like a big thick clipboard.

i love you avery, and happy birthday.