this is a special anniversary post.

i have been married for 2 years to a sweet, honest, kind, godly, goofy, attractive,passionate,eco-friendly, hard working, selfless, and wonderfully weird husband. he has many more qualities i could list but this isn’t a “characteristics” blog, its a “craft” blog.

i feel like this craft is very fitting for our anniversary because:

1. this is our 2nd headboard we have had for our 2nd year of marriage


2.marriage is about compromise, which we had to do with this craft.

let me explain.

for those who have followed my blog since september you will remember my 1st post with our headboard.  soon after that post avery did some research and found out the wood we used was off gassing formaldehyde, which was slowly killing us.(so avery says)

so we had to deconstruct the headboard to paint over the wood so it would seal the chemicals, and then we put it back together and put it back in our room where it belonged….forever. or so i thought.

now fast forward 5 months….avery one night said we needed to take it out of our house….he still thought it was slowly killing us.

at first i say “no avery, the headboard stays”.

a cute headboard is worth sleeping with chemicals every night.( i know thats not rational)(it must be the formaldehyde getting to my head)

so once i really thought things through i realize it might not be the best idea to keep it in our room.

this is where the compromise comes in.

if that headboard goes out then another one goes in.

he agreed.

3 weeks later we have a headboard that was $41 cheaper, 7 hours less to make, and no formaldehyde …….and you know what else? it actually looks better then the 1st one.

i saw this headboard on a blog and instantly fell in love, i could try and explain to tell you how to make it but this woman does it way better than i do.

here is the linky link:‘love’-headboard/

you should really check out her blog.

and one more thing….before we put the headboard up we had a fun little photo session with it outside.

happy anniversary avery. thanks for marrying me.