i am not sure why there is a question mark in there….i guess i just wanted to keep it interesting.

so i found this craft on a blog that was linked back to etsy, but by the time i had gotten to it, i had been sold.

bummer city……population one.

fast forward to a couple months later:

i was walking with my sister-in-laws and we came across a piece of wood that was the same size as the sign i had seen on etsy that was no longer available in this world( i am being dramatic). I was really excited about this wood but i got too nervous to take it off the curb(it had been there for months, but i was still a nervous nelly)….but not jessica. she grabbed it and gave it to me as a hostess gift. best hostess gift EVER!

now to the craft:

i just painted a thin layer of white paint so you can still see some of the wood.

then with my stencils and stencil brush i made it happen( maybe i should clarify, by making it happen i just mean i stenciled the words on)

side note:

Rufus was making me very nervous this whole time. i could see in her eyes how bad she wanted to take the stencils and run.

i know what you are thinking…..”destiny why is there only one picture of this? i want to see it from different angels”

the reason behind that is because to the right of this is another craft project i have been working on but you have to wait til next week, or the week after that…i wanted it to be a surprise….and then you will see it in all its glory.