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our adventures together.

i saw this project on “pinterest”, which might be one of the most addicting websites to date.

so you might think the background to this project is familiar…and it is. a little bit ago i had posted a craft with these mint green shutters. i decided to take apart the clipboard(which means you will see those clips in another project) and use the shutter for this project.

this will be an ongoing project where i will add different adventures avery and i have gone on.

it is a really fun way to remember all the cool places you have gone together.

and hopefully it inspires us to take more adventures.

i realize that there are not any countries that are in the shape of a heart, but for now canada and mexico are.

(don’t worry when i have kids i am not going to teach them that canada is in the shape of a heart)(or maybe i will just to play a trick on them)

the reason the united states looks like the united states is because avery helped me with that part.

if it were left up to me the U.S was going to look like a fat donkey. i am not even joking.


who knew shipping pallets rocked?

every time i go on a walk i pass this industrial distributing business….which means they have loads of shipping pallets that they just lay on the side of the road.

i have always been tempted to take one but being the “rule follower” that i am i went in and asked…..

…..the workers response was that i could have as many as i wanted.

i told him “just one thank you.”

i was feeling crazy that day.

so now i instantly have a shelf….all i had to do was rip one of the 2 by 6’s off the pallet and hang it on the wall.

avery did the hanging part……because he is the perfectionist, so if i want something to look good i have him do it.

the part that took forever and i didn’t think would was configuring the frames to all fit.

finally i found a combo that worked.

….so now we can all agree that shipping pallets really do rock.

if you now have the “shipping pallet bug” like i do you should google pallet crafts on the world wide web and see all the awesome stuff other people are doing.

you could essentially have all your furniture be made out of pallets.

i am not even lying……beds.couches. ottomans. dinner tables. ¬†coffee tables. end tables. front tables…..ok i made up front tables, but all of the other stuff is true.

metallic paint is great.

i recently discovered metallic paint for clothing.

gold metallic paint to be exact.

so i needed to do something with this new found knowledge.

and that something was taking a plain black tank top and turning it into……

…..a plain black tank top with gold metallic paint on it.

i saw this particular design on an urban outfitters window display. it was just printed on a 12 foot cloth canvas.

when i saw it i instantly wrote it down on my notepad so i wouldn’t forget i wanted to make a shirt out of it one day.

and that day has come!

check it out :

cork boards and clip boards.

when avery and i were at the “rebuilding center” looking for the old wood for our headboard i came across these mint green shutters. mint green just happens to be my favorite color and shutters are cool too. so i had to get them. i would figure out what to do with them later.

i have figured it out.

one of them is a giant clip board. all i did was hammer 3 giant clips on the shutter….and done.

the other one i just glued corks onto it whilst watching the 2nd lord of the rings…you may find that last fact irrelevant and it is.

but i sure do love crafting while watching a movie and turns out i REALLY like lord of the rings…i used to be a hater but now i am a lover.

you may even see me make a craft one day that will  have bilbo baggins face on it.

….i am sort of kidding but if challenged by someone i may have to take on that craft.

and then a little side project was making the thumb tacks for the cork board.

with that i just bought some cool number tags at a craft store and glued tacks on the back of them.