when avery and i were at the “rebuilding center” looking for the old wood for our headboard i came across these mint green shutters. mint green just happens to be my favorite color and shutters are cool too. so i had to get them. i would figure out what to do with them later.

i have figured it out.

one of them is a giant clip board. all i did was hammer 3 giant clips on the shutter….and done.

the other one i just glued corks onto it whilst watching the 2nd lord of the rings…you may find that last fact irrelevant and it is.

but i sure do love crafting while watching a movie and turns out i REALLY like lord of the rings…i used to be a hater but now i am a lover.

you may even see me make a craft one day that will  have bilbo baggins face on it.

….i am sort of kidding but if challenged by someone i may have to take on that craft.

and then a little side project was making the thumb tacks for the cork board.

with that i just bought some cool number tags at a craft store and glued tacks on the back of them.