every time i go on a walk i pass this industrial distributing business….which means they have loads of shipping pallets that they just lay on the side of the road.

i have always been tempted to take one but being the “rule follower” that i am i went in and asked…..

…..the workers response was that i could have as many as i wanted.

i told him “just one thank you.”

i was feeling crazy that day.

so now i instantly have a shelf….all i had to do was rip one of the 2 by 6’s off the pallet and hang it on the wall.

avery did the hanging part……because he is the perfectionist, so if i want something to look good i have him do it.

the part that took forever and i didn’t think would was configuring the frames to all fit.

finally i found a combo that worked.

….so now we can all agree that shipping pallets really do rock.

if you now have the “shipping pallet bug” like i do you should google pallet crafts on the world wide web and see all the awesome stuff other people are doing.

you could essentially have all your furniture be made out of pallets.

i am not even lying……beds.couches. ottomans. dinner tables.  coffee tables. end tables. front tables…..ok i made up front tables, but all of the other stuff is true.