i saw this project on “pinterest”, which might be one of the most addicting websites to date.

so you might think the background to this project is familiar…and it is. a little bit ago i had posted a craft with these mint green shutters. i decided to take apart the clipboard(which means you will see those clips in another project) and use the shutter for this project.

this will be an ongoing project where i will add different adventures avery and i have gone on.

it is a really fun way to remember all the cool places you have gone together.

and hopefully it inspires us to take more adventures.

i realize that there are not any countries that are in the shape of a heart, but for now canada and mexico are.

(don’t worry when i have kids i am not going to teach them that canada is in the shape of a heart)(or maybe i will just to play a trick on them)

the reason the united states looks like the united states is because avery helped me with that part.

if it were left up to me the U.S was going to look like a fat donkey. i am not even joking.