yes, i am mixing things up a bit.

this post isn’t about anything i crafted.

it is about avery and i hanging out together on a fall weekend.

i don’t know if this will be a regular occurrence for my blog, but we got a new camera and we did fun things this weekend so i am posting about it.(we got a little camera happy)

our new favorite thing to do is go to a neighborhood in portland and do a progressive dinner.

portland just has too many places to eat to only go one place every time you go out.

so we went to 3 places on mississippi: bar bar, little big burger, and ruby jewels

the total for us to eat like kings and queens was only $30.50….not bad for a date niiieeeeeeeeeeght.

first stop: bar bar, where we had drinks and split a burger and fries….which both their fries and burger were amazing(mom you would love these fries)

burger 5.5

fries 2.5

drinks 6

total 15

then we walked 60 steps to our next destination.

sidenote: there is a store on mississippi that only sells light bulbs.

and check out this great way to use industrial sized spools.

second stop: little big burger, we each got our own burger….when i asked the lady if the burgers were little or big she said both, and  her statement was correct, they are these little burgers that are big. don’t believe me? go to one and see for yourself. tell them destiny sent you.(they will have no idea who i am)

cheeseburger x 2  7.5

total 7.5

sidenote: their ketchup/catsup is made right here in portland and they are a little obsessive compulsive on displaying their drinks.

then we walked 29 steps to our last destination.

third stop: ruby jewels,here we got an ice cream sandwich made to order and we got to watch our waffle cone getting freshly made right in front of our faces…when the lady asked if we were paying together averys response was…”for the rest of our lives”

you can’t make this stuff up…the lady and i shared a glance and i apologized for averys cheeziness.

sidenote: fridays is free sprinkles day.

ice cream sandwich 4

waffle cone 4

total 8

then the fun continues on saturday at the farmers market.

 sidenote: rolling a bunch of peppers in a metal crate smells AMAZING.