first off, thank you stephanie for giving me this window pane, i wouldn’t have made this craft project if it wasn’t for you.

because of this craft project we have a new rule in our house. avery made this one up.

the rule is, if you put a new hole in the wall, the hanging object needs to stay up there for 2 years.

that is a huge commitment for a piece of art work.

but we made a gentlemen’s agreement, and i will stick with that agreement until i find something new to put up there:)

so back to the craft that will be up for 2 whole years.

it’s a chalkboard that i will use to display our meals for the upcoming week.

this will inspire me to create different meals each week so i have to change up the chalkboard, hopefully.

rufus makes a great model sometimes.


my favorite part of this project are the arbitrary spoon knobs at the bottom.