it is the first of the month…

…which means avery and i went on another progressive dinner date;

this time we stayed close to home…we didn’t even take our car keys. ok that’s a lie we did but that is because they are attached to our house key.

there are several neat places in our hood that are walking distance from our house.

3 to be exact:

biddy’s, our local bar

caldera, our local public house

cooper’s, our local coffee shop

we got on our winter gear and hit the pavement.

first stop was biddy’s for drinks and darts. you can tell we were only doing things that started with the letter “D”

avery won!

second stop was caldera for dinner.

…we really are sticking with our “D” rule

it is about 1/4 of a mile walk from biddy’s, so that to me justified my over eating at dinner.

it was a cute place and not too expensive.

i recommend it.

you know what else i recommend?

bringing an umbrella with you when you go on a progressive dinner during the rainy season in oregon.


lucky for us our final destination was right next door, so the rain didn’t faze us.

there we were able to pick up a piece of triple chocolate cake….

side note: when we were purchasing our cake avery asked the barista if there biscotti’s were any good, “because i love a good biscotti”

that’s a direct quote.

and when we got home to eat our cake guess what was in the box too?

a biscotti.

avery is sooo smooth.

we decided to take the cake home because we had an almost unlimited supply of milk, and a recorded episode of parks and recreation.

total for the evening:

drinks 11

dinner 26

dessert 5

total 42

that ain’t bad.

side note: avery didn’t really spoon feed me the cake, that was just for show.