surprise surprise,

destiny is bored of her stockings she made 2 years ago.

i guess i just decided i wanted different stockings this year.

i had been seeing people use burlap for their stockings and it turns out i still have  7 coffee bags left.

so……i had to make stockings out of the bags….i had no other choice really.

and guess who helped?


he cut out his own stocking and made it bigger than mine, which means i have to give him more stocking stuffers than he gives me.(well played avery, well played.)





i might just give him coal and snowman poop this year though.

if you did the math 7 bags-2 bags= 5 bags

which means i have more crafts i will be doing involving coffee bags.

stay tuned for that.

i will give you a hint:

i will be using one of them to make something that rhymes with shwreath.



if you are wondering if i made the wall sconces, the answer is NO.

my sister in law jessica did. they were an early christmas present….if you want some go to her website