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the best quote i have heard in awhile.

this was a very enjoyable craft to do.

and there are several reasons why that is the case:

1. this was my moms christmas gift, and i love making her something i know she is going to love.

2. i learned this craft process from my sister in law jessica, and will be using it for years.

3. i was able to use a quote my great grandma eleanor had said to me, my aunts and girl cousins at her 90th birthday party at the red lobster.

and no the quote was not ” these cheddar biscuits will get you through this life” ( seriously though, red lobster has some great cheddar biscuits)(who knew?) ( eleanor did)

but seriously folks….

my grandma said many sweet things that night to all of us but one that will stick in my head for the rest of my life is this…

” if you pursue this life with him you will go gently from time to eternity with no fear”

amen grandma.

i love you, and thank you for all your prayers, wisdom, and love throughout the years.


checkmate with my soulmate.

every year avery and i have celebrated our own little christmas the sunday before christmas.

and every year avery gets a handmade object of some sort.

this year it was a chess set.

i am very excited about this gift for several reasons:

1. the one game avery and i love to play together is chess.( and more often than not i win)

2. i hate our cheap plastic chess set…it has no pizazz.

3. it cost 2 dollars to make.

4. the set is made from  reclaimed materials

the last one i am most thrilled about because avery really enjoys reducing his carbon footprint.

…and that is what i did with this gift.

to be honest i have no idea what half of these little mechanisms are.  I know that the queen is one of those door stoppers that makes a funny noise when you flick it….you all know what i am talking about.

i also had fun making the box to keep the pieces in. I just used an old cigar box and modge podged on  cute paper  and put a little tag on it.

i also couldn’t resist showing you the christmas card i made for avery, it is similar to our real christmas card, but i added the PEOPLE magazine clipping of the “sexiest man alive”

merry christmas avery! wanna play some chess?

what are the rules on wreaths staying up year round?

…i told you i had another coffee bag craft project.

and just in time for the holidays.

all i did was cut strips of coffee bag and just wrap it around a styrofoamed wreath form( i am not sure if that is even how you say it)

and to keep the material in place i just stuck pins where i felt needed it.

the flower was an afterthought…it was missing something and i had extra material.

i kind of want to keep this wreath up all year.












…just in the nick of time for christmas.

I have been busy this week making some fun and one of a kind pieces of jewelry for christmas.

so if you see something new you like i would get on that because i won’t be able to make another one like it.

once it is sold it is gone……..FOREVER.


here are some of my favorites:
















be sure to check all of it out:

then click shop to get to my ETSY page.

progressive dinner #3….burnside blast.

this tradition is definitely becoming my favorite thing for each month.

it was my month to plan it, and i decided burnside street needed to be tackled.

hence the name: BURNSIDE BLAST

…the full name should be called BURNSIDE BLAST with BURGERS (2 out of the 3 places we got burgers)

first stop: burnside brewing.

here we;

had drinks

split a burger for our appetizer

played with the coasters

& admired the beams on the ceiling(avery was the only one that did that)

(some women have to worry about their guy watching sports the whole time they are at dinner, but i worry about my guy checking out beams the whole time)

second stop: noble rot

here we;

took the elevator

had another burger

& got to see the view of our beautiful city

we had no idea this restaurant was going to be so swanky and cool.


as we were progressively walking to our third and final stop we came across this store that was selling ornaments.

every year avery and i buy one ornament that reminds us of each other….and we were going to do that the next day.

so luck would have it the store was open and it had 2 very perfect ornaments for each of us.

i got avery a snowman made out of computer memory board….he loves recycled stuff

and avery got me a globe…i love globes.

third stop: alder street dessert and bakery

here we;

had a 1 inch thick cookie with really good gelato on top

& avery figured out the aperture setting on our camera


because the third stop was 20 blocks away from the second stop and it was near freezing outside i made the sideline call to drive.

avery said it was in the by laws of progressive dinners to walk to each place and i totally agree.

….but because i don’t do well with walking in harsh climates we drove.

and i don’t regret it.