every year avery and i have celebrated our own little christmas the sunday before christmas.

and every year avery gets a handmade object of some sort.

this year it was a chess set.

i am very excited about this gift for several reasons:

1. the one game avery and i love to play together is chess.( and more often than not i win)

2. i hate our cheap plastic chess set…it has no pizazz.

3. it cost 2 dollars to make.

4. the set is made from  reclaimed materials

the last one i am most thrilled about because avery really enjoys reducing his carbon footprint.

…and that is what i did with this gift.

to be honest i have no idea what half of these little mechanisms are.  I know that the queen is one of those door stoppers that makes a funny noise when you flick it….you all know what i am talking about.

i also had fun making the box to keep the pieces in. I just used an old cigar box and modge podged on  cute paper  and put a little tag on it.

i also couldn’t resist showing you the christmas card i made for avery, it is similar to our real christmas card, but i added the PEOPLE magazine clipping of the “sexiest man alive”

merry christmas avery! wanna play some chess?