it was a cold one, but we walked 18 blocks and had an umbrella this time just in case.

alberta is one of those streets where we could do several progressive dinners at.

i even had the thought of doing a progressive breakfast there…i know it is crazy, but so crazy that it would be great.

we based this progressive dinner on an almost expired gift certificate.

it actually expired that day, so we started there.


this place has good drinks and an awesome barbecue sandwich and french fries.

one of these progressive dinners avery and i will actually get an appetizer for our first stop.

we just can’t help ourselves sometimes.


we walked 2 blocks to our next destination.

the atmosphere was the complete opposite of branch. the lighting was so good i had avery take a picture of a new necklace i made that day for my new 2012 collection called “year of the sticks” ( so stay tuned for that)

here we ordered a refreshing greek salad, chicken kabob, and spankopitas ( pretty sure it is the first time i have ever said that word and i am actually not sure if that is even how you spell it)

now for the grand finale…….


i don’t think i have ever had a crush on an establishment before.

i mean i have thought a place is cute, or maybe would want to have a friendship with a place, but never a


avery would even agree.

from the moment you walk into this place it sweeps you off your feet.

i will start with the structure of the place…… exposed beams(that one is for avery)

it looked like an antique shop. i wanted to buy about 10 of their display items.

the bathroom, say what? yes, it had the old school powder soap dispenser, and the walls were covered in postcards sent from a women named miss ada.

and the workers there were the nicest people ever.

they were very affirming with our ice cream combo choices.

one of the workers even said he was going to try averys’ ice cream combo after work…i have always told avery he is really good at making up ice cream combos.

i maybe sort of want to work there.

now to the ice cream…

they actually have an ice cream chef…i decided i would be a horrible ice cream chef because everything would have chocolate in it, and i would not be adventurous at all…..not the case with this guy. there were flavors like pear and blue cheese, and some bacon infused ice cream, and avery got a ninkasi beer ice cream…weird…but good.

i can’t wait for our next visitor because this is where we will be taking them.