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“romantic” progressive dinner.

i put romantic in quotation marks for a reason.

avery and i decided to do our progressive dinner this month on valentines day.

we also decided to use one of our groupons to this cute sounding bar.

it might be the most un-romantic place i have ever been.

can’t you tell by the paper mached full sized mannequin behind avery?

i thought i would capture another picture of our dining experience from the outside when

the bartender comes out to find us because we didn’t properly use the groupon.

(that is a whole other story, but i kind of got scolded,it did  put a damper on the evening.)

we pushed through though.

i blurred out his face so he can remain anonymous.

but this picture was captured perfectly.

we ate so much at our “appetizers” spot, that we had to skip out on our 2nd stop.

which was going to be a new york pizza by the slice place.

so we headed to dessert, which was papa haydns.

we decided to outfox the most popular valentines restaurant in portland

and order our dessert to go…..suckers.

it isn’t legally a progressive dinner until you stop at three places. we are only at two and we have no more food to consume.

so our third and ONLY option is the photo booth at the ace hotel.

this is our home away from home.

kind of.

you will see us here for:


christmas card making time


and valentines day.

on our walk back to the car we stumbled upon a store i sell to and look what i found:

it is kind of hard to read but it was my name on the outside of the store.

i had no clue it was on there so it was a fun surprise.

lesson learned for future progressive dinners:

don’ t go to a bar on valentines day

and when using a groupon make sure to not erase it from you phone before the server has scanned it.

(that was my bad)



my friend lisa gave me some awesome left over fabric from some pillows she was making, and i decided to make a first aid kit with it.

you can buy the metal clutch snap at jo- anns

and you can get  the cool fabric from my friend.

the tricky part was hand sewing the metal part on to the fabric( since i keep it in my purse i might have to reinforce it a little because it may or may not be unraveling)

having this cute first aid kit makes it sort of fun to get a headache, stomachache or cut.

everyday i love you.

since it is valentines day on tuesday i thought i should have  some craft to do with love.

this craft is the same one i did for my mom for christmas, but i liked it so much i wanted to make one for our home.

i saw this quote on pinterest and loved it because i think that love is a choice and you have the option everyday to choose to love or not.

i placed it in avery and i’s room so every morning when i wake up i have a little reminder to love avery(although i don’t really need that much convincing with him)

i do however find it very funny that it is placed right above our computer that has a picture of me punching avery.

obviously that day i chose not to love him.

label maker.

avery makes jokes constantly about me needing a box for EVERYTHING.

he doesn’t realize that i am making his life easier by having a place for everything to go.

he is still getting used to his box for shoes, but has definitely utilized the first aid box…you are welcome.

we get in the occasional bedside table box fight.

the box i chose isn’t “ergonomically” correct for him….but it looks so cute.

and it matches mine.

segway to the craft project:

a little while ago my mother in law gave me a bunch of cigar boxes, and just recently i decided i needed to put some things in these boxes.

……..and they needed to be labeled.

so that is the project. i labeled all of the cigar boxes with fun paper and silver tags.

there were so many boxes to label i was running out of things to label them as.