this progressive dinner had several twists today.

the first twist was that the first stop on our progressive date was BRUNCH.
 and i am so excited because we went to “mother’s”. which i had been wanting to go to for the last 4 years. but i knew that whenever i would go i would have to wait forever to get seated…..

i did learn a hot tip though. you can sit up at the bar if there is an open seat. since it was just avery and me, we had to wait 3 minutes, instead of our 40 minutes if we sat at a normal table… i guess the hot tip is to go to mother’s with one person or just yourself.

this place is awesome.

if you love breakfast and your mother, go here.

the second twist to our progressive dinner:

well actually it was kind of a twist and a half….we usually don’t wait 5 hours to go the next spot but in this case we did.

but the major twist was that we had company. we have never had progressive friends.

(thank you mom, dad, lindsay, and austin for the extra twist)

we had drinks and risotto balls at mint/820.

our third stop was equinox for dinner…we had a groupon, and it is a really great place for dinner!

sometimes when the server is saying the specials i zone out and never really hear them.

tonight was different( and no this isn’t one of the twists)

but i got the special and  shared it with avery…it was so good.

lesson learned tonight:

start listening to the specials.

here is the third and final twist:

never in progressive dinner history have we progressed to four different establishments in one day.

this was kind of a game time decision.

my parents were still with us, and right around the corner was a really good ice cream place(that we have gone to before on a progressive date.)

and if i know my dad like i think i do( i am pretty sure he is the reason i feel the need to have some sort of chocolate after every meal) he would want some dessert.

so we went to our FOURTH stop at ruby jewels ice cream.

what a twisted night.