i have always wanted towels that say his and hers.

but i feel like it is one of those things that you get as a wedding gift.

correct me if i am wrong.

but i am already married so i am pretty sure people are done getting us wedding gifts.( it has been a couple of years)

i feel like the next best thing to his and her towels is a his and hers pillow.

segway into the craft:

avery and i recently bought a new comforter and it came wrapped in this white linen fabric that had buttons on it.

before i even got the comforter out of its package i knew i was going to make a pillow with it.

seriously all i did to the pillow was sew the two sides and the painting that you see.

the rest was done for me.

now we won’t be confused on which side of the bed we sleep on.

it kind of was turning into a problem.