this post is dedicated to a woman that i love very very much, respect, and owe all of my craftiness to.

you know how when you were little and you made a craft for your mom out of macaroni or pipe cleaners and they thought it was the best thing they had ever seen.

well i still do that for my mom and she still thinks what i have made is the best thing she has ever seen. and not because it is amazing, but because she is my mom and one of my biggest fans.

she will never grow tired of my handmade gifts.

right mom?

happy birthday mom….welcome to the 21st century where instead of opening birthday presents you just have to read about them on a blog.


what you see here are 14 felt billy balls to represent every person in our family.

i can see my mom counting right now to see if i am adding a little extra billy ball in there.

(that is how many people are currently in my family, don’t think this is my subtle way of saying i am pregnant…although that would have been a fun way to say it)

happy birthday mom, i love you.