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thread corks.

i feel like i am a broken record when i say ” this is the easiest craft project ever”

and maybe that is because i only do easy craft projects.

what you see here is a thread cork.

i took an old spool of thread and glued it onto a tapered cork.

that is it.

and now it is used to plug my wine bottles.

hopefully i don’t need this green thread for a ¬†future sewing project.


i saw this craft on a blog called “beautiful mess”

you should check her out.

i have a friend crush on her.


banned from chalkboard paint.

the other week i went a little chalkboard crazy.

pretty soon our whole house will be one giant chalkboard.

i was about to paint this glass bottle we had with chalkboard paint, and avery said…

“why don’t you lay off the chalkboard paint for awhile”

….as you wish avery.

the thing is chalkboard paint can make anything look cool.

for example:

1. an empty hot cocoa tin turned into a pen holder.

2. a boring black frame turned into a miniature chalkboard.

3. dry good holders turned into cooler dry good holders(the stainless steel on the lids were getting a bit dingy)(problem solved)