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thread corks.

i feel like i am a broken record when i say ” this is the easiest craft project ever”

and maybe that is because i only do easy craft projects.

what you see here is a thread cork.

i took an old spool of thread and glued it onto a tapered cork.

that is it.

and now it is used to plug my wine bottles.

hopefully i don’t need this green thread for a ¬†future sewing project.


i saw this craft on a blog called “beautiful mess”

you should check her out.

i have a friend crush on her.


banned from chalkboard paint.

the other week i went a little chalkboard crazy.

pretty soon our whole house will be one giant chalkboard.

i was about to paint this glass bottle we had with chalkboard paint, and avery said…

“why don’t you lay off the chalkboard paint for awhile”

….as you wish avery.

the thing is chalkboard paint can make anything look cool.

for example:

1. an empty hot cocoa tin turned into a pen holder.

2. a boring black frame turned into a miniature chalkboard.

3. dry good holders turned into cooler dry good holders(the stainless steel on the lids were getting a bit dingy)(problem solved)

stamp the yard.

i don’t even think i was that big a fan of the movie but it was the first title that came to my head.

i saw these stamps on pinterest and put them on the top of my craft to do list.(and yes i have a craft to do list)

i had extra rubber lying around the house… so i thought i would give these a try.

i was very pleased with the outcome.

don’t be surprised if you get a t shirt, greeting card, or dish towel anytime in the near future from me.

i am going to use these stamps for EVERYTHING.












this post is dedicated to a woman that i love very very much, respect, and owe all of my craftiness to.

you know how when you were little and you made a craft for your mom out of macaroni or pipe cleaners and they thought it was the best thing they had ever seen.

well i still do that for my mom and she still thinks what i have made is the best thing she has ever seen. and not because it is amazing, but because she is my mom and one of my biggest fans.

she will never grow tired of my handmade gifts.

right mom?

happy birthday mom….welcome to the 21st century where instead of opening birthday presents you just have to read about them on a blog.


what you see here are 14 felt billy balls to represent every person in our family.

i can see my mom counting right now to see if i am adding a little extra billy ball in there.

(that is how many people are currently in my family, don’t think this is my subtle way of saying i am pregnant…although that would have been a fun way to say it)

happy birthday mom, i love you.




chevron city.

my friend keri found this craft project on a great blog called “beautiful mess”

so go to her blog for the low down.

she is way better at describing it.

i can’t get enough of chevrons these days.

this was a really fun necklace to make.

i wish i had a picture of keri’s because hers is far more superior than mine.

it really made me hone in on my embroidery skills, which i did not have until this craft.

i realize i only took one picture….so i made it a BIG one.

his and hers.

i have always wanted towels that say his and hers.

but i feel like it is one of those things that you get as a wedding gift.

correct me if i am wrong.

but i am already married so i am pretty sure people are done getting us wedding gifts.( it has been a couple of years)

i feel like the next best thing to his and her towels is a his and hers pillow.

segway into the craft:

avery and i recently bought a new comforter and it came wrapped in this white linen fabric that had buttons on it.

before i even got the comforter out of its package i knew i was going to make a pillow with it.

seriously all i did to the pillow was sew the two sides and the painting that you see.

the rest was done for me.

now we won’t be confused on which side of the bed we sleep on.

it kind of was turning into a problem.

cork jewelry…


i have been wanting to post this one for ages because i have had it for ages.

however, this particular craft used to be a frame to hold our photo booth pictures but now it holds my jewelry.

this project is a two-fer.

meaning, you can make a wine cork board for pictures and notes.

orrrrrrr, you can hang your jewelry you buy from

sorry i had to do that.(it is my new years resolution to be a better business women)(i saw an opening to promote my business and i took it)

you need:


hot glue gun


that is all.