…so i have an obsession with paper i guess.

so much that i decided to make my nephews t-shirts that looked like a piece of paper for christmas.

i saw a tutorial on a blog that i frequent called “say yes to hoboken”.

she does a better job of explaining the craft, so go to her website if you actually want to do this.

they actually turned out better than i thought.

i only say that because i am not a perfectionist and it involved taping a bunch of straight lines that you would paint….i mean you know how paper is…they have a bunch of straight lines.

you don’t buy paper with crooked and wonky lines…if you did i would suggest getting yourself back to staples and returning the paper.

hopefully the shirts go better then last years craft to my nephews.

last christmas i made them all beanies, and for some reason they thought the actual gift was the string that was wrapping the gift.

they wore them as a necklaces the rest of the night……..not the beanies….the string.

oh kids.

this year i will not make the same mistake, their gifts will only be wrapped with paper so they will have no mistake on what the actual gift is.

i decided to put my oldest nephews one on to see what it looks like on a human…it is a little snug on me, but on him it will fit great.

merry christmas nephews.


something totally unexpected happened at christmas…all my nephews put on there shirts right away. maybe my sisters told them to, but still.

and we got some great pictures to prove it.

it made my christmas, especially because the pickiest shirt boy colton told me later that night that he loved his shirt.